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5 Bold Takes for the NFL Season

Disclaimer: At the moment, all games in Week 13 have happened except for the Sunday and Monday night games. This shouldn't have too much of an effect on the article, but I felt I must put it out there.

1. The Tennessee Titans will make the playoffs. Whether you agree with me or not, the Titans are one of the least talked about teams in the league, except for once a year when Derrick Henry gets a 97 yard touchdown and breaks 8 tackles. But, there's more to this team than a B- Marshawn Lynch. Since Ryan Tannehill won the starting quarterback job over Marcus Mariota, the team has been doing significantly better. Also, as of right now, the Titans are just a half game back from the Texans for the division lead, and tied with the Steelers for a wildcard spot. It may not take another Music City Miracle for the Titans to make the playoffs again.

2. The NFC East will not have any teams above .500. Ok, this may be a little too bold, as there are a lot of intra-divisional matchups that still must happen. However, the Cowboys, who sit at 6-6, still play tough defenses like the Bears and Rams before they play their divisional rivals in weeks 16 & 17. So, it isn't too far-fetched for "America's Team" to finish worse than 8-8. In addition, their rivals in Philadelphia aren't looking great either, finishing up with four divisional matchups. The one thing many fans forget about these matchups is that anything can happen. Say Philadelphia's luck runs a bit short, and the Eagles may find themselves sitting at 7-9 or 6-10. Note: The Redskins and Giants cannot mathematically finish with a winning record.

3. The Seattle Seahawks will be in the NFC Championship game. This one doesn't take a lot of statistics to prove, but rather I just had to watch the Seahawks play. Tomorrow, the Seahawks will play the Vikings in one of the best Monday Night Football games of the year. If they win, then they will be tied with their divisional rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. Also, with the way that the Seahawks have played, there could be a scenario where the Seahawks take the division, and get the 1 seed in the NFC, which is where the 49ers stand at the moment. If this were to happen, they would likely play the 49ers in a winner take all game in the Divisional Round in Seattle, where the home field advantage feels stronger than anywhere else. Although they aren't leading at the moment, it isn't hard to see a future where the Seahawks are a game from the Superbowl.

4. The worst team in the NFC will not be an NFC East team. This division contains two of the three worst teams in the NFC at the moment, the Redskins and the Giants. However, the worst team in the NFC will be the... Atlanta Falcons. First off, the Redskins are on the rise, having won their past two games with Dwayne Haskins at the quarterback spot, so I think they will continue the momentum and get to a respectable five wins. The Giants, however, won't reach that mark, but will come away with one more win than the disastrous Falcons. Atlanta's team has two good receivers, an okay running back, and a former MVP at quarterback. So, what's the problem? To be honest, the only thing that it could be is awful coach Dan Quinn. In conclusion, Atlanta will take home the (dis)honor as the worst team in the conference.

5. The Super Bowl Champions will be the Baltimore Ravens. Okay, this isn't too bold, as the Ravens have brought the city of Baltimore to life after the Orioles made awful look like an understatement. The only team that really stands in their way is the Patriots, who have somewhat silently become 10-2, to the dismay of all football fans besides their own. Anyways, although the NFC has a lot of teams that have hit the 8 win mark already, none of them have the talent, flare, and toughness to compete with Lamar Jackson, Hollywood Brown, and the gritty defense that Baltimore has. So, when Lamar Jackson lifts up the Lombardi in Miami this year, don't say I didn't tell you so.

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