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Does the ESPN Top 100 really matter?

I'm sure every college basketball fan would love to see their team recruit the #1 high school player, but does it really matter? Here are some NBA all-stars who graduated in the past 10 years, and where they ranked in high school.

Kawhi Leonard : 56th Klay Thompson: 53rd Joel Embiid: 6th

John Wall: 5th Draymond Green: 36th Karl Anthony-Towns: 9th

Demarcus Cousins: 4th Kemba Walker: 14th In conclusion, while being a

Kevin Love: 1st Demar DeRozan: 8th higher rank helps a lot, you

DeAndre Jordan: 25th Kyrie Irving: 3rd can't really tell who's got NBA

James Harden: 21st Bradley Beal: 5th caliber talent in highschool.

Blake Griffin: 18th Andre Drummond: 2nd

Derrick Rose: 5th Anthony Davis: 1st

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