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Mid-Free Agency NFL Predictions

Nick Foles to the Jaguars. Eric Weddle to the Rams. Landon Collins to the Redskins. OBJ gets traded to the Browns. Le'Veon Bell signs with the Jets. Tyrann Mathieu to the Chiefs. Ravens get Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram. These are just some of the crazy moves the first couple days of free agency have given us. But now, what do the teams that have gained and lost players do in the upcoming season? That is what Let's Talk Sports is going to predict. Here are the predicted divisional standings for next year.

AFC East: Patriots, Jets, Dolphins, Bills

AFC North: Browns, Steelers, Ravens, Bengals

AFC South: Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Titans

AFC West: Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders, Broncos

NFC East: Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, Giants

NFC North: Bears, Vikings, Lions, Packers

NFC South: Saints, Falcons, Panthers, Buccaneers

NFC West: Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals

The reason why I put the Jets over the Dolphins is not just because of Le'Veon Bell, but because of the hopeful emergence of Sam Darnold. If Darnold does show the NFL why he was drafted 3rd overall, then the painfully mediocre Dolphins, who have added nobody to their roster, will slip to 3rd in the division.

The Browns will win the division this year on Week 17. When this happens, give me a shoutout. The Steelers may not still have the Killer Bees, but they do have James Connor, Juju Smith-Schuster, and good ol' Big Ben. The Ravens will have a disappointing season, despite getting two snags in free agency so far. And the Bengals, to say it politely, are flaming, stinking garbage.

In the South, I have the Colts on top because I think Andrew Luck is going to have a great season. Also, the Texans did lose a core piece of their secondary. The Jaguars pass the Titans because I think their defense is still great. But, I think every team in this division will still get 7 wins, if not more. The Titans are still not a team to mess with, and I think this division is one of the most well-rounded divisions in football.

The AFC West is tough to predict. You have the Chiefs and the Chargers, both ready to crank out 11 or 12 win seasons, and although I have the Chiefs winning the division, the Chargers are a great team, and still could win the division. I have the Broncos falling to last in the division because I don't think Vic Fangio can run an okay offense. The Broncos already lack offensive talent, and now they lack an offensive-minded coach. They won't be better than the Raiders in the division because they will struggle to score points.

The NFC East is tough except for one thing, the Giants for sure will be at the bottom of it. I like the Cowboys, but Dak Prescott is inconsistent. The Eagles are good too, but they can't afford a lot of injuries, as they lost most of their backups and role players. The Redskins have some of the pieces there, like a good defensive line, a young running back, and a decent offensive line (when healthy). But, they lack a quarterback and receivers, because Case Keenum can't lead this team anywhere near a division title. But, I have to go with the Cowboys because they seem the most fit to win this division.

NFC North is locked up. No doubt in my mind. Bears have it. They are simply better than every other team in that division. Vikings will come in second because they are better than either of the other teams in that division, both of whom are nightmares. Lions added some new talent, but will still be a mediocre team, with a mediocre Matthew Stafford. The Packers are not going to be good this year, or anywhere close to that. Aaron Rodgers will have a good season like he always does, but he has only one person to throw to. A move to land Golden Tate could've helped, but now they still have an okay offense. No discredit to Aaron Jones, who I think will have a nice year.

NFC South: The Saints will win their division again and probably go far into the playoffs. The Falcons seemed poised to redeem themselves from last season's rare failure, and I see the whole team having a bounce back that lands them with a 10-6 or 9-7 record. The Panthers will struggle this year with the loss of Cam Newton for some of the season, but will eventually regain their tempo and finish third place in this tough division. Coming in last place for the 1000000000th year in a row, the Buccaneers. They are still a mess, and they are captained by James Winston, who quite frankly was worse than recently signed ex. Tampa Bay quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Look, the Fitzmagic is gone, and so is anyone's faith in this team's ability to have a decent season.

NFC West: The Rams take the dub in this division, as they are the most well rounded and the best coached. Plus, they have the most talent. Second and third will be decided by a game or less. I like the Seahawks, who made the playoffs last year, and are a dynamic team. But for some reason, I believe the 49ers will edge them out for second place in the division behind a comeback season for Jimmy Garoppolo. And then there's the Cardinals. Look, I don't care if they draft Kyler Murray, Tom Brady, or the entire 1972 Dolphins, they won't win the division. It's simple, they suck. Their coach sucks. He got fired like two months ago! The only similarity between him and the Cardinals is that they both suck. Just an overall really bad team.

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