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NBA All-Star Draft Predictions

The 2019-20 NBA season is here! Although the All-Star break is still months away, it's always better to be early than late. So, without further a do, here are my predictions for the 2020 NBA All-Star game! Note: Lebron James is a point guard this year, so I based this list around that

Captains: Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard


1. Team Kawhi- LeBron James

2. Team Giannis- Steph Curry

3. Team Giannis- Anthony Davis

4. Team Kawhi- Paul George

5. Team Kawhi- Joel Embiid

6. Team Giannis- Kyrie Irving

7. Team Giannis- Blake Griffin

8. Team Kawhi- Kemba Walker


9. Team Giannis- Damian Lillard

10. Team Kawhi- James Harden

11. Team Kawhi- Nikola Jokic

12. Team Giannis- Russell Westbrook

13. Team Giannis- Karl-Anthony Towns

14. Team Kawhi- Rudy Gobert

15. Team Kawhi- Pascal Siakam

16. Team Giannis- Jimmy Butler

17. Team Giannis- Bradley Beal

18. Team Kawhi- Victor Oladipo

19. Team Kawhi- Ben Simmons

20. Team Giannis- Luka Doncic

21. Team Giannis- Zach LaVine

22. Team Kawhi- Trae Young

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