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New Year's 6 Bowl Game Analysis

December 29:

Orange Bowl: Alabama vs Oklahoma: Everyone assumes that this game is going to be a blowout win for Alabama. But, this game is more than that. Although their defense is ranked 108th, Oklahoma's Big 12 offense puts up an average of 47.1 points per game, more than anyone in the country. The reason for this is Herisman candidate Kyler Murray, the quarterback and commander of this offensive juggernaut. On the other side stands the Alabama offense, who has put up an average of 44.4 points a game. The Alabama offense is a challenge for even the best of defenses, so it should easily destroy the weak Oklahoma defense. But with Tua Tagovailoa, the Alabama quarterback, having some health issues, the game could be more interesting. One thing that cannot be forgotten however, is the 9th ranked Alabama defense that has terrorized most teams that it has faced. In all however, if the Alabama defense can step up, Alabama will win this game by at least a touchdown. Prediction: Alabama 41, Oklahoma 34

Cotton Bowl: Clemson vs Notre Dame: This game should be interesting. Although they are a good team, Clemson has not had a challenge yet this season. Notre Dame has only played one tough team this season, where they prevailed in a 24-17 over Michigan. Clemson is highlighted by quarterback Trevor Lawrence, while Notre Dame is captained by quarterback Ian Book. On the other hand, Clemson has the 4th ranked defense, led by a stellar defensive line, while Notre Dame's defense is ranked 21st, and has been known to come in clutch.This game should be a close one, but in the end, Clemson will come out on top. Prediction: Clemson 27, Notre Dame 24

Peach Bowl: Florida vs Michigan: Although this game is the only one of the night that is not part of the College Football Playoff, it still should be a decent game. This game should be a Michigan blowout, but if I've learned one thing from the Jim Harbaugh era, it's that Michigan cannot win any big game. Michigan is a great team don't get me wrong, they have the best defense in the FBS, and a pretty good offense, but history doesn't lie. Michigan is 7-9 against ranked opponents under Harbaugh, and have only won one road game against the top 25 since he became coach in 2015, which came against Northwestern this year. The Florida Gators will give the Wolverines a challenge. Felipe Franks has had a nice season, throwing 23 touchdowns and only throwing 6 interceptions. Follow that up with a Gator defense that has proven itself in the tough SEC, and you have a good game. I got to go with Michigan winning however, for one reason, revenge. They set themselves up for a great season, and then lost it all at the last possible moment. Prediction: Michigan 48, Florida 42

January 1:

Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs Texas: This game will not be close. I refuse to believe it. Georgia is arguably a top-4 team in the country, while Texas can't even make it 3 weeks without losing to a bad team. Georgia had two losses, both to top 15 teams. And while Texas did lose to Oklahoma and West Virginia, they also lost to Oklahoma St. and Maryland (Go Terps!). Jake Fromm hasn't had the year everyone hoped he would have, but he is enough to challenge to the weak Texas defense. But Sam Ehlinger and his cannon of an arm will help Texas give the Bulldogs a fight. But, don't get your hopes up Texas fans. Prediction: Georgia 52, Texas 30

Fiesta Bowl: LSU vs UCF: I call this game "The Battle of the Acronyms". But I don't know if this will be a real battle. If McKenzie Milton was healthy, I would want to watch this game, but instead, it's the shattered remains of a team that barely beat Memphis against a team that beat Georgia. There really is not much I can say about this game except for this: Goodbye 25 game win streak. I have little confidence in UCF. Prediction: LSU 38, UCF 17

Rose Bowl: Ohio St. vs Washington: This game will be the best of the day. The other two games on January 1st should be blowouts, but the nightcap should be one for the books. Not because of the actual game however, but because it will be Urban Meyer's last game as a head coach. In reality, I don't see Washington really doing too much against Ohio St., but if there is one thing Ohio St. is known for, it is playing down to their opponents. Prediction: Ohio St. 24, Washington 17

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