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NFL Draft 1st Round Grades

1. Cardinals: Kyler Murray

This pick was pretty easy to predict. Although the quarterback class is pretty weak compared to other years, I still kinda like this pick. So my grade for this pick is B+

2. 49ers: Nick Bosa

I really like this pick. I think Bosa is one of the top players in the draft, and maybe even the best. This pick deserves an A

3. Jets: Quinnen Williams

The Jets had an easy job here: take whoever was left between Williams and Bosa. They did just that. This pick was pretty good. My grade is A-

4. Raiders: Clelin Ferrell

Oh Lordy. This is probably the second worst pick of the first round. All they had to do was take Josh Allen and they would’ve gotten an A. But, John Gruden decides this guy is better and drafts him. PS (he’s not). Grade: C-

5. Buccaneers: Devin White

I’m not a huge fan of this pick, as Josh Allen was still around. But, I do like Devin White so I’m not opposed. All I'm saying is this team must’ve done some good research on this guy to take him over Allen. Grade: B-

6. Giants: Daniel Jones

Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The Giants suck. Redskins, Cowboys and Eagles fans everywhere are still laughing a day later. Good job Gettleman, you give a Redskins fan like me hope. Grade: F- (is that a grade?)

7. Jaguars: Josh Allen

Finally. Josh Allen is off the board. Took the NFL long enough. Honestly, people rip on the Jaguars too much. Great pick. I love it. A+

8. Lions: T.J. Hockenson

Matt Patricia? Or a worse Bill Belicheck? C. All of the above. Patricia seems to think Hockenson is the next Gronkowski, but I don’t see it. I knew he was getting drafted in the top 15, but really? Is this the best you could do? That’s a C+ draft pick right there.

9. Bills: Ed Oliver

I think this is a steal for the 9th pick. Oliver has big upside, and is ready to be a week 1 starter. Grade: A-

10. Steelers: Devin Bush

This trade was not bad for either team, but I think the Steelers could’ve waited longer and given up less for a similar player. Don’t hate it, don’t love it, B

11. Bengals: Jonah Williams

I quite frankly don’t know much about this player. All I know is that Dwayne Haskins was on the board but instead the Bengals chose to keep building an O-line or Andy freakin’ Dalton. This deserves a C

12. Packers: Rashan Gary

Gary is a guy who I think is underrated. He is a great player, who is lacking very little to become a superstar. Although I like the player, the time felt right for the Packers to protect Aaron Rodgers by taking a guy like Jawaan Taylor. Grade: B-

13. Dolphins: Christian Wilkins

This pick was going one of two ways. Dwayne Haskins or Christian Wilkins. I originally thought the Dolphins were stupid for choosing the latter but they got Josh Rosen from the Cardinals so I like this pick. Grade: B+

14. Falcons: Chris Lindstrom

This pick isn’t great but it’s not terrible. I don’t have much to say about it so I guess it gets a B-

15. Redskins: Dwayne Haskins

As a Redskins fan, I am a fan of this pick. Haskins has a lot of upside, and can develop into a good player. The only concern is his mobility, but I think this pick is still an A-

16. Panthers: Brian Burns

Eh. This pick is ok. Not much to say about it. B-

17. Giants: Dexter Lawrence

This is the best of the Giants 1st round picks in my mind. Lawrence will be a good player for the Giants and I like him. Gettleman may have made one okay pick. Grade: B

18. Vikings: Garrett Bradbury

I think this pick is what the Vikings needed. Although Bradbury isn't a superstar, he will help protect Kirk Cousins, and the 21 million dollars Cousins costs the team per year. Nice job, you earned a B+

19. Titans: Jeffery Simmons

I personally like this pick. Although people have given him criticism for lots of things, he dominated in college and will hit the NFL with full force. Only reason this isn't an A is because I feel like they could've gotten a WR or TE for Mariota. Grade: A-

20. Broncos: Noah Fant

Watching the Broncos trade back originally made me laugh, but they made a heck of a good move. They not only got a nice TE, they still got Drew Lock later, and got extra draft picks from Pittsburgh. The Broncos turned a B into an A+

21. Packers: Darnell Savage

The Packers needed some DBs to assist with the losses of some of their players, and I understand why Savage was their guy. He's fast, ferocious, and determined. He lacks the size and tackling ability of some DBs, but the safety from Maryland earns a B+

22. Eagles: Andre Dillard

I think this pick was okay. Being honest, most people didn't know much about Dillard in college, but I think he was a good pickup. However, the Eagles probably could've taken Jawaan Taylor, who I think is a little better. Grade: B-

23. Texans: Tytus Howard

First off, what city is Alabama State in? None of you reading this probably know. It's in Montgomery FYI. Howard himself isn't terrible and could become an okay starter. But anyways, I don't know what Brian Gaine was drinking, but he passed up on Jawaan Taylor too for some guy from nowhere university. Hint: If someone comes from a college from Alabama that isn't Alabama or Auburn, don't draft him. D+

24. Raiders: Josh Jacobs

The Raiders made up for drafting Clelin Ferrell 10 picks too early, and got the best RB in the draft. The latter isn't saying much however, as the whole class is weak. But, with the retirement of Beastmode (part 2), hopefully they got the RB of their future. Grade: B+

25. Ravens: Marquise Brown

To most people who only know the NFL through social media, this pick seems odd. But actually, D.K. Metcalf is not Superman. Nor is he the best WR in this draft. Enter Marquise "Hollywood" Brown, the cousin of Antonio Brown. He has all the skills Metcalf has, only he is better at running routes. Anyways, great pick. Happy to see the Ravens take him, despite the irony. Grade: B+

26. Redskins: Montez Sweat

There are a lot of critiques and concerns with this pick. Those are all stupid. If Sweat has a heart condition, then he just played a top-notch season while he was only at part of his potential. If behavior is your concern, remember that the incidents were 3 years ago. So, as long as the Redskins keep his potential condition in mind, then this pick deserves an A-

27. Raiders: Johnathan Abram

This pick makes sense, but it doesn't. Yes, they got a steal, and a great player to build up. But, they also have a prime LaMarcus Joyner, who is not retiring anytime soon. I still think he has lots of potential to be a star, but it was the wrong choice for the Raiders. Grade: C

28. Chargers: Jerry Tillery

Tillery has lots of ups and downs. On the plus side, he was a steal, he has lots of potential, and helps them on the inside. On the downside, he had a bad combine, and isn't a great overall player in my opinion. But, I'll give the Chargers credit and give the pick a B

29. Seahawks: L.J. Collier

This pick was smart. After the loss of Frank Clark, the Seahawks wasted no time and took a good player with some upside. Good job. Grade: B+

30. Giants: Deandre Baker

So far the Giants have made 1 good pick, and one god awful pick. This is right in the middle in my opinion. I like the player, I like the slot he will play, but something about this seems like it won't work out. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I have to give this pick a B

31. Falcons: Kaleb McGary

I understand their motives, but I feel like this is not what they were supposed to do in this situation. There were lots of ways they could've improved their team that were better than this. But, the pick still helps protect Matty Ice, so it gets a C+

32. Patriots: N'Keal Harry

This was interesting also. Although the Pats did need a WR, they could've gone for someone faster, such as Deebo Samuel or waited and got Parris Campbell. Either way, they could've done better things. Like the player, dislike the pick, C

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