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The Bryce is Right: Who will get him, and how much will it cost?

Bryce Harper is one of the most electric and powerful players in all of baseball, and he wants a contract to match that. But, who is willing to pay out big bucks for Harper, and who really needs him to succeed? Here are the top 5 most likely teams to land Harper.

5. Yankees: Most people would say the Yankees have a lot better chance than where I put them, but there is 1 reason why Harper will not, and I repeat, will not sign with the Yankees. He needs to be the man: Bryce Harper is used to being THE guy, and the best player on the team, but with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge on the team already, he can't really be the man on the Yanks.

4. Washington Nationals: No really talks about the Nationals resigning Harper, which is odd, because there is a good chance that can happen. They have enough money, and Harper loves the fans and the city. But, there is one problem. The Nationals already have 3 great outfielders besides Harper. They have rookie sensation Juan Soto, second year star Victor Robles, and veteran Adam Eaton. All of which are great fielders and have a great bat. So, do the Nationals really want to drop $300 million on a guy who didn't even hit .220 last year?

3. White Sox: There isn't a lot of news about Chicago, mainly because nobody really cares about them. All of that could change if they land Harper. The AL Central is the weakest division by far, and the sole addition of Harper could make the Sox a playoff team. The only reason he may not go is because of what I said earlier, no one cares about the White Sox.

2. Phillies: Philly seemed like the place to go for Harper, until people realized that they weren't actually focused on him, as much as fellow free agent Manny Machado. This could happen, but I don't really know if Philly has the interest.

1. Dodgers: The Dodgers just made a statement yesterday by trading two outfielders to Cincinnati. This was a gutsy move, and they had to be sure they were going to get Harper to do this. Harper has taken attention to this and will probably go to LA, where he really could be the man. Kershaw is fading, somewhat, and they don't really have a lot of big names in the field. So, this seems like the place to go for Harper.

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