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The Missing Piece: MLB Free Agency

No team in the history of the MLB has been a full powerhouse. But many have had a good player at every position. So, what do the 2019 World Series contenders need to become the World Series champions?

Boston Red Sox: Relievers- The Sox have a lot of great players in their starting lineup. Betts, Martinez, Benintendi, Bradley Jr., Pedroia, the list goes on. They also have one of the best, if not the best, rotation in the MLB. But, they lack good relievers if they fail to resign Kimbrel. Possible options: Adam Ottavino, Shawn Kelley, Ryan Madson

Yankees: 1st Baseman- There are a lot of great outfielders on that team, and they have a lot of good pitchers too. But, they do lack a first baseman. This is not a necessity, but a good option. Possible options: Wilmer Flores, Mark Reynolds

Astros: DH- This position means little, as the team overall is great, but this will help a lot. Possible options: Resign Evan Gattis!

Cubs: Center or left fielder- Another good outfielder to back up Heyward and Schwarber would benefit the Cubs a lot. Especially if Schwarber continues to have health problems. There a lot of good outfielders out there, and the Cubs should have no problem finding one. Possible Options: AJ Pollock, Marwin Gonzalez, Cameron Maybin.

Dodgers: Right field or catcher- This is more for a hitting boost then a fielding one. Yes, I know that the Dodgers can rake, but an all-star addition would keep helping. I'll keep it simple: If they can get Harper, then they will be in the World Series again. Possible Options: Bryce Harper, Nick Markakis, Nick Hundley

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