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Way Too Early NBA Predictions

The NBA season starts in 33 days, but that doesn't stop Let's Talk Sports from giving you our perspective on this NBA season. Here are some bold predictions for this NBA season.

1. Jimmy Butler will be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers: It has been said that Minnesota Timberwolf coach is trying to reunite with his former Chicago players, but Jimmy Butler may have some other ideas. Rumors have circulated that he has asked for a trade with either the Nets, Clippers, or Knicks, and Butler going to the Clippers makes perfect sense. The Clippers have a decent point guard, and a good center, so adding Butler makes them a playoff team in the tough West conference.

2. The Los Angeles Lakers will fail to make the playoffs: Despite getting Lebron James, who is argued to be the best player of all time, that does not mean LA will be so good. I have been asked every time I say this to list eight teams better than the Lakers, so here I go. Warriors, Rockets, Jazz, Trail Blazers, Thunder, Timberwolves, Nuggets, and Pelicans. The Lakers have a lot of talent, but they will crack internally. Arguments will arise between James and other teammates, or between James and hotshot NBA parent Lavar Ball. Either way, things don't work out for the Lakers.

3. More Eastern conference stars will be traded to the West. There are two main Eastern conference stars who could possibly be traded this year, Kemba Walker, and Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside was in conflict with high-ups in Miami last year, and could see a trade coming. Many Western conference teams would give up guys for him, like the Dallas Mavericks or the Portland Trailblazers. The Trailblazers, who already have two all-star caliber guards, would benefit majorly from having Whiteside. Kemba Walker, on the other hand, could be traded to teams like the Clippers or the Denver Nuggets, who both have good forwards or centers but need a good guard.

4. The Indiana Pacers will be a top team in the East this year: The Pacers, who had a brief stint as a top East team, will have a resurgence, largely thanks to the lack of talent in the East, and the additions of Aaron Holiday and Tyreke Evans. Holiday will quickly bond with veteran guard Victor Oladipo, and will form a strong backcourt. Evans will help as a small forward, and you can't forget that Myles Turner can block balls better than a flyswatter can swat flies. All together, that makes a team, that in the weak Eastern conference, will rise to the top.

5. The NBA Champion will not be the Golden State Warriors: Yes, I just said that, and no, I will not take it back. There are plenty of other good teams in the NBA, like the Houston Rockets, who are my pick to win this year. Other notable favorites are the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, who will easily be on top of the Eastern conference. Even though they are a recipe for disaster, there is a chance that the Los Angeles Lakers finds a way to win, but, the truth is, you never know who's going to win this year, but it should be exciting to watch.

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